Something exciting is coming!

Homestead House Milk Paint is going to open up a whole new world for you and your home decor! As the oldest paint known to man, the results are unlike any other paint on the market with an incredible ease of application and no brush strokes!

  • It's incredibly easy to mix and use!
  • The unique finishes will give you a modern farmhouse look with out waiting a hundred of years!
  • It is the safest paint on the market and contains just 5 natural  ingredients!

Here are some of the beautiful colours we will have arriving soon...

Sturbridge White- our brightest white, yet still soft and country looking

Acadia Pear- the most perfect sage green

Buttermilk Cream- as it sounds, a soft buttery yellow

Cathedral Taupe- a gorgeous taupe that pairs well with most other bold colours

Champlain- most popular off white- will pair with any other colour and has both grey & yellow soft undertones

Coal Black- our jet black , a staple and great for adding a pinch to darken other colours

Confederate Grey- a trendy medium toned blue grey

Loyalist- a soft green with a hint of blue

Midnight Blue- a perfect dark black blue reminiscent of the midnight sky

Raw Silk- an off white with a hint of grey

Rideau Blue- a lighter blue, not as soft as a baby’s blue, however looks like the day time sky
We can't wait to tell you more about it, show you all the beautiful colours...and the workshops will be amazing to try out this new product as well. Keep an eye on the website for details!!


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