Urban Whyte's 5 YEAR Anniversary Party!!!

We are working away like crazy at the studio trying to get everything ready for our upcoming HUGE studio party! To say we're excited about this would be an understatement!

You have heard about this, right?

Urban Whyte has its 5 year anniversary party coming up - and YOU'RE INVITED!!!

Let me give you a little run down, on the low down, about what's going down . . .

Saturday, July 27th from 10am - 4pm,

Stop by anytime! Here's why:

  • Just for showing up you will get 5 raffle tickets that you can enter into any of our 5 awesome raffle prizes! (We're talking 5 amazing DIY paint kits with paints, brushes, wax finishes . . .)  Ummm Yah! They're that good!
  • We will have incredibly delicious treats for you...cuz what's a party without cupcakes and lemonade?!
  • Did I mention that we will be displaying a showcase of all of the amazing workshops we have coming up in our studio space. 

Feel like shopping on Saturday?!? This is the deal of the century! Because it's our 5 year anniversary - every 5th DIY item you buy is FREE!* That's right my friends! Time to stock up on some DIY supplies!! This is unheard of! Let me break this down: if you buy 5 pints of Fusion Mineral Paint, one of them will be free!  If you buy 4 IOD transfers and a bag of Homestead House Milk Paint, one of those will be free! If you buy 2 paints, 2 waxes and a sweet new brush, one of those items will be free! I think you're getting the idea, lol! Sweet. Amazing. Deal! **lowest purchase priced DIY item of 5 will be free*

Is this post long enough yet, lol!?! Sorry - almost done!

Oh wait! I almost forgot! We also have a free gift with purchase!*

*one per customer, while supplies last*


So you see my darling - when we throw a studio party - we don't mess around!

Trust me - you are not going to want to miss this!

See you on Saturday, July 27th!


xo Karen & Mark & the Urban Whyte team

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