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Your brushes can be used for many years if cared for properly!

Some of the Staalmeester brushes have a band of string on them. Do not remove the string as it gives the bristles direction and perfect tension.

Remove your brush from the package and take a couple seconds to brush the bristles back and forth against your hand to loosen the bristles and dislodge any that are loose.

When starting off with a new or dry brush, submerge the brush into water up to the ferrule to slightly dampen the bristles. Give the bristles and the string a squeeze so that the brush is only damp, but not dripping with water.

When dipping your brush into the paint, there is no need to go the full length of the bristle. At most, only 3/4 of your brush should have paint on it. We don’t recommend getting paint up to the edge of the string. Your paint brush will last longer and be much easier to clean if you don’t get paint up to the string.

Don’t allow your brush to sit idle as paint will dry quickly onto the bristles and is much harder to clean at that point. If you get interrupted during your painting, cover your brush with a damp paper towel so paint cannot dry on the bristles.


After you finish painting, submerge your brush into water. Allow to sit 30 minutes or longer to dislodge paint from bristles. After soaking for a bit, rinse your brush free of any paint. Using the hole in the handle, allow paint brush to hang when drying. 

Using Fusion Brush Cleaner is a great way to condition the bristles. If paint is allowed to dry on the bristles, it will become stiff as the paint acts like a glue. It is crucial that all paint is removed from your brush before you allow it to dry.

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