January 2022 Workshops

 Vaccine Passports are NOT required at this time but spaces are limited to comply with AHS safety mandates including spacing & masking requirements. Please stay home if you are not feeling well or if you have been in close contact with some one who has COVID to lower the chance of spreading the virus to others.
While we will continue to do our very best to provide a safe & enjoyable experience in ALL of our workshops, but please understand that the current COVID-19 situation may make it difficult for us to continue with in-person workshops.  We have experienced many last-minute student cancellations due to illness/exposure the past few weeks. We also face the possibility of our own staff becoming sick and not being able to teach or work in the store.  So as a business, we have been making preparations to have our workshops run in an online LIVE format as an alternative IF NEEDED.  By choosing to sign up for a workshop in January please be aware that we may need to switch the format of your class to adapt to the current situation.
While we understand that the "experience" of coming to Urban Whyte for a workshop is something many look forward to, we need to be adaptable in the current situation. We will endeavour to make the experience as interactive and informative as possible which will result in a beautiful project that will be made in your home instead of our studio.
Your patience & understanding of these changes will really help our business survive and also to provide our creative community with even more workshop opportunities in the future when this all settles down to "normal" again. 
Please make sure to read the updated Cancellation Policy as well as the Workshop Safety Policy before checkout.
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