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 Thanks for checking out Pink Label Products by Lmh. (PLP). I started PLP in late 2018, after two years of hosting DIY workshops, teaching people how to make cleaner products. As someone that has fragrance allergies and sensitive skin, I wanted to create  products for customers also experiencing the same things. I’m also a huge fan of essential oils as a safer alternative to fragrance. With an increased awareness in our society about the harmful effects of synthetics and parabens, I’m happy to share that PLP is synthetic, paraben, aluminum and fragrance-free. The products are also vegan, cruelty-free and gluten-free friendly. I use clean and easy-to-understand ingredients and pure essential oils in each product. All products are made with care in small batches, to ensure quality every time.  

Who am I? When I’m not at my full-time job or busy creating products, I enjoy yoga, traveling and hanging out with my husband and dogs. I also enjoy volunteering with local organizations.

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