Apply to Become a Vendor

​ We are looking for amazing artisans and crafters of all kinds to join our creative family!
At Urban Whyte we are hand makers and crafters too! We understand the desire
creative folks have to share their passion and products with others who appreciate quality, hand-made goods. Our store is dedicated to the promotion of like-minded artisans and can help your business reach a much larger client base. Take the stress out of selling and instead dedicate your time to making and creating by partnering with Urban Whyte. Our unique store is open 6 days a week with well-trained staff who offer our customers a great one-of-a-kind shopping experience.
Click here for the Urban Whyte Vendor Application Form

What makes partnering with Urban Whyte different:

* Flexible Intakes: Makers are able to apply year-round with starting months available January through November so you can apply and begin your initial 4-month Term.

* Month-to-Month: After the initial 4-month Term, vendors who have remained
engaged in communicating, stocking products, and creating & sharing social media posts may be invited to stay on as a month-to-month Vendor

* Competitive Commission Rate: 40% commission rate upon the sale of items (with 60% going to you the Vendor) with no other required fees

* Vendor Profiles: An individual Vendor Profile page on the Urban Whyte website for the duration of your time in the store. This page includes a small write-up, product photo, and a link of your choice to your website or social media

* Vendor Library Blog: Our on-line Vendor Library houses a wealth of tips, tricks, and important information to help your business grow and be successful


* Vendor Support: Continued vendor support from the Urban Whyte team and the ability to bring new, pre-approved products into the store throughout the duration of your contract

* Workshop Opportunities: All vendors are eligible to host a workshop in our 20-seat classroom. The classroom rental fee will be waived for your first workshop. Please contact your vendor coordinator for more information on this great opportunity

* Product Displays: Integrated, cohesive displays draw our customers in to browse and buy. It’s a feast for the eyes that is rotated frequently to keep things fresh and inviting

* Location, Location, Location: Excellent storefront exposure and foot traffic. Come check out our store in person to appreciate the great location and ample customer parking

* Additional Options: An optional monthly Promotional Fee to expand the audience your products reach as well as further market your business on our social media platforms is available


Click here for the Urban Whyte Vendor Application Form

**The Application Form will be available year-round, with new makers having the
opportunity to start in the store each month. The craftsmanship, quality, and uniqueness of an applicant’s products will be taken into consideration when vendor selections take place.  All makers who have been accepted will be notified by email.  If you do not hear from us please do not be discouraged; due to the high volume of applications, we may have room for you to join our family in a few months and will keep your application on file!