Create@Home Basics

When making our Create@Home projects, these are the most commonly used items I would recommend to make it quick & easy:

  • Use good quality acrylic craft paints such as  FolkArt (Plaid) , Ceramcoator Americana brands (most commonly found at your local craft store or online). I would not recommend using cheap brands from the dollar store as they do not perform me I tried! 
  • Glue such as Lepage Multi-Purpose Wood Glue. It dries clear, is non-toxic and fairly quickly since we are using mdf for most of our kits. 
  • disposable table covering
  • disposeable cosmetic wedges to apply paint
  • baby wipes
  • toothpick or push pin (aka the crack-cleaner!)
  • painter's tape
  • I also love using Posca Paint Pens! We don't sell them but I do recommend them for adding fine details and highlights because they are much easier than trying to use a tiny paint brush for these little details. Here is a quick link to find them on Amazon

Be sure to watch our YouTube instructional videos to help you assemble your kits!