Replacement Parts Policy

Hey crafty friend!

Here at Urban Whyte we're all human, and sometimes things don't go as planned! If there's a hiccup with your order, we've got your back. Here's a simple guide to our friendly replacement policy:


**What to Do If You Need a Replacement Part:**

1. **Let's Chat!** If you spot a missing or damaged part, drop us an email within 14 days of getting your package at

2. **Package Peep:** Before you pop that package open, check the contents against our label. Snap a pic of any missing or damaged bits, keeping that package intact.

3. **Picture Perfect:** For us to help you best, a photo of the unopened, undamaged package is super important. If it’s been opened, we might not be able to replace it – we're sure you understand.

4. **Straight from Our Heart:** Our replacement love is just for the kits bought directly from Urban Whyte. When you drop us an email, please include some proof of purchase (like your receipt or order number).

5. **Quick Peek:** We'd love for you to check out your kit as soon as you get it. We can only consider replacements within the first 14 days of arrival.


**Here's What We'll Need From You:**

1. **Snapshot of the Package:** That photo of the original package is like a treasure map for our artisans – it guides us on how best to help you.

2. **Where’s It From:** Remember, our replacement policy is just for our Urban Whyte friends – those who've bought directly from us. Just include your order number, and we're good to go.

3. **Spot the Difference:** Clearly mark any missing pieces on the label and attach it to your email. It's like a game of spot the difference!


**Embrace the Uniqueness:**

Every handmade kit has its quirks – it's what makes them unique. So, little things like a slight variation in the wood or tiny variances are part of the charm. But, if these quirks have you puzzled, shout out to us at We're always here to help you navigate so you can enjoy your crafting journey.


Thank you for being a part of our crafty family. Crafting is our heart and soul, and we're thrilled you've chosen Urban Whyte. Whenever you need us, we're just an email away! Happy crafting!