How we are responding to the Covid-19 Pandemic

- UPDATED SEPTEMBER 20, 2021 - looks like we are in for another round of restrictions and we have to figure out a new way to try and keep going during a pandemic. Looking out for our customer's wellbeing is our main priority...and will continue to be because we ❤ our customers.
Please understand that we are not wanting to do this as a political statement about vaccinations/choices/rights/etc...we just want to stay in business so we can financially support our family & business. The past 19 months have been hard enough and we want to continue to have our storefront open & offer classes like we had planned.
Starting Monday, September 20th we will reduce store capacity to 1/3 (based on current provincial mandates) in order for our business to operate. Masking will be mandatory in  ALL classes and participants are spaced 2m apart unless in the same cohort. This is not any different than what we were previously doing. If you have previously registered for a workshop and can no longer attend, Create@Home kits will be provided with materials and instructional YouTube videos.
Going forward we will do our very best to make all our workshops available as Create@Home kits as well as many new projects for you to create in your own homes...painting is great therapy and can help maintain our emotional health.
We appreciate your patience and understanding as we navigate this 4th the end, kindness may be the best cure.❤