Vendor Profile: Autumn Jade Studio

Creator Siobhan Kennedy is obsessed (her words...not ours!) with natural gemstones and loves creating ways for her customers to incorporate them into their everyday life. Her positive entrepreneurial spirit has been thriving since she was 16 and has not slowed down, making this her full-time job.

Although her business has undergone some transformations since its inception, her jewelry (and energy) is inspiring and genuine.

"I really want to spread my love of stones, so I try to keep my jewelry as affordable as possible. I'm also 100% transparent with my customers and am constantly researching stones and posting tips and tricks to our blog about how to identify fake or imitation stones. I only speak about things I truly believe in and always try to have research to back things up."

You can see more of Siobhan's natural gemstone creations on herĀ website.