Vendor Profile: Katherine Hawley Fine Arts


Katherine lives in Kingston, ON making her the vendor from the farthest distance to our store in Devon, AB! However, her picturesque hand-drawn ink greeting cards are very popular here and we are excited to have her back for a second term.  

"I have always had a natural ability to draw and even took a year of Fine Arts before becoming an Early Childhood Educator. I went to a lot of tole painting classes in the late '90s which I think shaped my foundation for drawing in ink. As I started drawing Christmas scenes, friends and family encouraged me to sell them and thus my Christmas cards were born! Everything else has naturally flowed from there. This past year being a part of Urban Whyte has really expanded my entrepreneurship in the areas of ornaments, mugs, etc"

While finding time to create is often difficult, Katherine hopes to expand her business so she can sell locally in her own region as well.

You can learn more about Katherine on her Facebook Page