CCBee's Natural Products

Organic Bath Soak

  • $18.00

The perfect self-care treat! Destress and relax with some pampering time for yourself.

Our bath soaks are handcrafted with both Epsom & sea salts to help ease muscle tension, which are infused with pure essential oils for added aromatherapy and therapeutic benefits, organic castor oil as a gentle skin moisturizer, gluten free organic raw oats & raw local honey for added skin-soothing benefits. 

3 types to choose from: 

  • Breathe Easy (infused with eucalyptus EO)
  • Rest Easy (infused with lavender EO)
  • Tread Easy (infused with peppermint EO)

 1kg bag lined with biodegradable, backyard compostable, plant-based cellulose