Cure Cards

Cure Cards | Lunchbox Love

  • $25.00

Meet Lunchbox Love - the pack specifically designed for kids! Toss them in a backpack, lunch bag, or read them out on the drive to school in the morning. 

Why they're awesome:
In just a few minutes a day, Cure Cards support the development of confidence, a positive mindset, and encourage a belief in limitless possibilities in kids! They're age appropriate - and conceptually understandable for kids of all ages.

  • They're made of high quality blue core cards that will survive an accidental spill or two, and come in a pack of 18 rainbow coloured cards, with a carry case, "Why Affirmations" info card, and wooden heart you can put your child’s name on!

    Cards are 2.75”x2.75” and have original artwork on the back designed by hand by the maker of Cure Cards.