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Urban Whyte

Grid Journaling | Mixed Media Workshop | May 23rd - June 27th 6:30 - 8:30 PM

  • $125.00

What is a grid journal? 

Did you know that when it comes to discovering your own artistic style, the QUANTITY of your artwork matters more than the QUALITY? We develop our styles by making lots and lots of artwork! This workshop will introduce you to warm up is a fast, fun way to make up to 18 tiny paintings in one sitting. And they are ADORABLE. You can use any colors and materials you choose for this exercise, the important part is to experiment with putting different patterns, colors, and textures together. This exercise can be used on its own as a collage warm up, a way to try out new combinations of colors/patterns.

This course is for YOU if :

  • You need a kick in the pants to get started with making art again!
  • You are just getting started making art and don’t want to buy thousands of dollars of supplies to make a complete painting.
  • Your art practice is becoming stale and in need of new techniques to invigorate you.
  • You are looking for a way to maximize your ideas by practicing for bigger works of art.
  • You want to learn all the possibilities from painting on paper to incorporating  mixed media into any work of art.
  • You keep making excuses that you don’t have time for your practice and need a very easy medium to create in less than 30 minutes.

Materials: Urban Whyte will provide students with basic tools, brushes, paints, and aprons but students must provide the following materials to customize their lessons: Grid Journaling Supplies

Workshop Policies: When coming to the workshop, be sure to wear paint-friendly clothing as sometimes we can get a little messy when being creative! Spaces are limited. Please stay home if you are not feeling well or if you have been in close contact with some one who has COVID. Please make sure to read the updated Cancellation Policy as well as the Workshop Safety Policy before checkout.