Cure Cards

Cure Cards | Original Gangster Pack

  • $25.00

These are our O.G (Original Gangster) affirmation cards. They are what started cure cards!

The Original Gangster pack is gender neutral – and written for ANYONE, of ALL pronouns, and ALL ages to enjoy. Use them in your every day, daily affirmation practice, harness the power of positivity and put a little “kick butt” in your step for the day. They’re a fantastic base pack, that work as the perfect foundation to our add on packs.

You won’t get ANY duplication in our Affirmation packs – every single one comes with 18 beautiful, vibrant, high quality, blue core, Canadian designed cards with their very own daily affirmations, not found in any other pack!

What you will receive:

  • 1 Deck of vibrant teal, high quality cards with 18 unique Affirmations (The O.G pack)
  • 1 draw string burlap carry case
  • 1 Why Affirmations Information Card
  • 1 Wooden Heart

Cards are 2.75”x2.75” and have original artwork on the back designed by hand by the maker of Cure Cards.