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Protective Face Mask Travel Bag - Blush Pink

  • $4.00
  • $6.99

The face mask travel bag is a great way to safely store your mask after use. Designed for when you're on the move, the black bag is made from soft cotton with a satin drawstring to cinch the pouch closed and limit your contact with the mask after its been worn.

You can wash it alongside your mask. It's a cheap, extra precaution you can take to safeguard against any contaminants the cloth face-covering might be exposed to when it is worn. It's especially useful when circumstances prevent you from throwing your reusable fabric mask directly in the wash.

Recommended to hand wash in cold water and hang dry. If hot water is preferred, do not machine wash. Place in boiling water for 60 seconds & rinse in cold water. To help prevent wrinkles, slightly stretch and pat down with a towel before hang drying.

100% Cotton & Rayon