The Rustic Bee

Wool Dryer Balls | 3 Pack

  • $25.00

Handmade 100% Natural Finnsheep Wool Dryer Balls.  Brought to us by Sarah Frostad of Frostad Farms, who many of our customers will know from our trade shows! Finnsheep Wool is known for it's softness and luster.  Dryer Balls are most often white but can come in many shades of black and brown or assorted colourful designs.   

Wool dryer balls are an eco friendly alternative to dryer sheets and fabric softener. They contain no harsh chemicals, dyes or perfumes. Dryer balls circulate and separate clothing during drying and force the warm dry air down to the core of the laundry load. The gentle friction of the wool fibers against your clothing softens and reduces drying time of your clothes. They are handmade and are great for all types of laundry. 

Instructions: Place 3 dryer balls into your dryer with your wet clothes and press start. After drying, your clothes will be static free!  When drying is complete you can leave the dryer balls in the dryer for the next use. Dryer balls can be reused for several years before being discarded.