Urban Whyte

Wednesday, February 2nd 6:30 PM | Love Gnomes

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This NEW project features a whimsical 3D design that fits on a 7 x 14 faux wooden sign. It can easily be displayed throughout your home to greet your guests at the front door or hang on the wall. 

    You will be able to customize your choice of colours  to suit your home décor scheme with our 50+ colours of Fusion Mineral Paint. We will also be using decoupage gel with a variety of patterned papers to dress up the gnomes for the holiday! (Note: ribbon tassels are not included)

    When coming to the workshop, be sure to wear paint-friendly clothing as sometimes we can get a little messy when being creative!  Spaces are limited to comply with COVID safety recommendations including spacing & masking requirements. Please stay home if you are not feeling well or if you have been in close contact with some one who has COVID to lower the chance of spreading the virus to others. Please make sure to read the updated Cancellation Policy as well as the Workshop Safety Policy before checkout.